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Fiskesprell - a Norwegian nutrition program

Foto: Studio Dreyer+Hensley

Fiskesprell is a joint project between the Ministry of Health and Care Services, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, the Norwegian Seafood Council and the Norwegian Fishermen’s Sales Organization. Fiskesprell is in agreement with the Norwegian Directorate of Health’s recommendations regarding diet, which emphasises that an increase in the consumption of fish and other seafood is beneficial from a health perspective, especially amongst children and adolescents.

Foto: Studio Dreyer+Hensley

The teaching materials have been prepared by the Norwegian Seafood Council in partnership with the Norwegian Directorate of Health and the Institute of Marine Research (former NIFES).

Fiskesprell in kindergartens and day-care facilities for school children (SFO)

Fiskesprell offers free full-day courses and teaching resourses for kindergartens and day-care staff. Different versions of the courses are available. They consist of theory and practice regarding children and nutrition, with a focus on seafood. With good ingredients and varied cooking methods, we show you how to prepare simple seafood dishes, which kids like and that fit into everyday life in kindergarten and SFO. Fiskesprell in kindergartens and SFO is organised through the regional health authorities in the individual counties.

Fiskesprell in primary schools

Fiskesprell offers free full-day courses for primary school teachers, free textbooks, as well as financial support for purchasing seafood produce. Different versions of the courses are available. They give a practical and theoretical introduction to how cooking with seafood can be used as a basis for learning in several subjects. The teaching resources correponds well with the main parts of the home economics curriculum and addresses topics that are central to the curriculum at the end of year 7 and year 10, but can also be used in other subjects. The practical part of the course focuses on how culinary enjoyment of seafood by children and young people can be promoted throughout the school.

Fiskesprell in secondary education

Fiskesprell offers free full-day courses for pupils who study Child Care and Youth Work in secondary school. The course is based on the curriculum of the subject and works to increase the student’s knowledge of nutrition and seafood. Emphasis is placed on practical exercises in the kitchen.

Fiskesprell in higher education

With regards to higher education, Fiskesprell courses are offered to Norwegian universities and colleges that train teachers and other student groups who will work with children and adolescents. The educational institutions receive a full day seminar consisting of a theoretical part, which focuses on a child’s diet and how seafood is beneficial to a child’s health, as well as a practical part, which focuses on how to encourage children and adolescents to enjoy seafood.

Fiskesprell for parents

Fiskesprell works in nursery schools and schools to help provide children and young people with positive experiences with seafood. In order to involve parents and guardians, as well as bring the enjoyment of seafood into the home, Fiskesprell offers financial support to events in nursery schools and schools where seafood is prepared and served to parents/guardians. This can be in combination with educational activities, at parent meetings or other gatherings.

Inspiring colleagues with Fiskesprell

To help Fiskesprell establish a stronger foothold in nursery schools and schools, we offer teaching resources and financial support be used at group meetings between those who have participated in a Fiskesprell course and those who have not been able to attend a course. At this meeting the theme will be Fiskesprell. Participants are able to pass on their knowledge and inspiration at the meeting, and the group benefits from a shared experience by preparing selected seafood dishes.

Kokkesprell - a culinary competition

Fiskesprell invites all pupils in primary and secondary schools to participate in our contest, #kokkesprell. This is a recipe contest in which seafood plays the starring role, and where the pupils tastes and preferences are taken seriously. We encourage pupils of all different ages to release their inner creativity and revel in food heaven by developing their own dish based on Norwegian seafood. The class’s favourite dish will be submitted to Fiskesprell and the winners are selected every spring. Schools that participate will receive financial support. The prize is a seafood party and a contribution to the class fundraising pot.